Joke: Why do dogs bury bones? Because they can’t hide them in trees.


Dogs are a lot like children. They need stimulation or they will get bored and we all know the trouble children can be when they get bored.
Bored dogs are generally unhappy dogs and they are also the dogs that are most likely to get into trouble with other animals and humans.
The happiest dogs are often the working dogs as they not only have a purpose in life but they also get the praise and regular attention of their owners.
Even simply getting your dog some toys of it’s own to play with can add a lot of fun and happiness to it’s life, but more importantly getting the dog involved in family activities will have a positive effect on it’s mental state and happiness.
Dogs love to be taken for walks or a run along the beach. They get to look at a different environment and interact with strangers and other dogs.
This social interaction is very important for the overall well being of your dog and it is something that needs to be done on a regular basis.
One of the benefits of dog training schools is the fact that your dog will get to interact with other dogs, however training your dog at home also has it’s benefits as you will be learning each others personalities when working closely together and your dog will still get the opportunity to socialize with other dogs when you take it for walks in the park and similar activities.
Any time spent with your dog, whether it is training or just enjoying playtime, is great for building a long and happy relationship.